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We specialize in placing talented professionals from Asia and South America in leading industries in Germany. With a focus on innovation, we are dedicated to building bridges to enriching and exciting career opportunities for individuals looking to expand their professional horizons.

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Acaluna stands for German Quality. We select our candidates through a standardized selection process and provide them with intensive preparation for their future life in Germany. Our candidates receive continuous support, even during their stay in Germany

Internationale Personalvermittlung von Pflegekräften und Ärzten

Build your long-term Career in Germany

Ausbildung in Germany

Germany features one of the world’s best education systems. Within the framework of the Ausbildungssystem, you acquire all the fundamentals for professional success in Germany.

Why Germany?

Have you ever wondered why so many talented and ambitious professionals choose Germany as the destination for their careers?

We’ll explore the fascinating reasons that make Germany such an appealing choice for those seeking professional opportunities, exceptional quality of life, and a rich cultural experience. Click below to discover why Germany is where professional dreams come true.

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How Acaluna supports you

  • Vast network of Contacts in the Sector

    With a large network of contacts in a wide range of industries in Germany, we are able to identify and connect our candidates with the best job opportunities.

  • Personalized Recruitment Service

    Each professional is unique and that's why we offer a personalized service. We strive to understand each candidate's professional aspirations, skills and experience in order to find the most suitable position.

  • German language course

    We provide German language courses to help our candidates prepare for life and work in Germany. These courses are tailored to the level of each candidate, ensuring that they feel confident to communicate effectively in their new environment.

  • Full support in the visa application process

    We know that applying for a visa can be a complicated process. Our team is here to offer ongoing support and guidance throughout the visa application process.

  • Post-placement follow-up

    After the placement, we continue to offer support to our candidates. Whether it's help adapting to the new working environment or support with integrating into German culture, we're always ready to help.

  • Information sessions and webinars

    We hold regular information sessions and webinars to keep our candidates informed about the latest job market trends in Germany and tips for a successful transition.

  • Completely free service for candidates

    We hold regular information sessions and webinars to keep our candidates informed about the latest job market trends in Germany and tips for a successful transition.

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